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A Positive Community Event
It is necessary in times such as the present, for everyone to do their part to aid the future young women of the community to feel adequate by directing them on a winning course for all future endeavours in life. Miss Ebony Beauty Canada can take a step in making this possible by the hard work of the event committee and stakeholders by undertaking the leadership role, because with courage, increased self esteem, hard work and determination with a strong support system; are all vital basic attributes to be a successful individual or group in any society.

Miss Ebony Beauty Canada will encourage the young delegates to learn more about their own cultures and the cultures of others in their surrounding afro urban community, by participating in a cultural exchange presentation; which will give confidence in them, appreciation of others and a greater gratitude of new understanding and self-worth. This would make a fantastic attribute that they can bring into the integrated community no matter what part of Canada they reside. The winning delegate will become a role model for the youth in the community and set the standard mould of Miss Ebony Beauty Canada for years to come.