The mission and purpose of Miss Ebony Beauty Canada is to become a transparent decorum for which young female youths of today and tomorrow have avenue, to learn more about the different cultures, traditions, successes and similarity of the various afro urban communities within Canada. This will be achieved through personal etiquette training, strong character building, education and community participation and perseverance being the basic foundations for our delegates. Through the event we hope to acknowledge the differences and celebrate the similarities within the afro urban community.

Miss Ebony Beauty Canada will be innovative in our approach with the highest standards of integrity and discipline. It will be the standard model for individuals and business alike, within our community to be proud to associate with. In order to maintain such a positive forecast a team of talented and skilled personalities are required to operate the event successfully. The committee will be responsible as a corporate team, which contributes to the development of the delegates by providing opportunities and assisting with their career aspirations and investing in their education pursuits. This will be accomplished through leadership, dedication, teamwork and respect.